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Two strong yet vulnerable women, products of their upbringings. Very different and yet similar in the way they seem to have been rejected in early life. Both searching for their “happy ever after”, as I guess most of us are.

Both tender hearted and emotionally wrung out. Always seem to choose the “wrong men”, confusing good sex with Love, blurring the lines between common sense and self preservation.

In lucid moments, both know it’s not right or real, but both are searching for their “perfect worlds”.. Maybe this time, maybe this one….

Lose and pain, which the reader will resonate with, makes this a very emotional, readable book.

You will truly empathise and (even recognise yourself) as you will these two women onto greater happiness and fulfilment.

I loved the way the writer has set the story out. Drawing you into each woman’s life step by emotional step, Making the reader want to keep turning the pages.

~ Barbara Bailey


The Sixth of September

The Sixth of September