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Callista Bowright


Callista Bowright is the pen name of two people. Alicia Wright and Stella Bowling. Alicia Wright and Stella Bowling worked closely on the content, and then Alicia made it possible for the book to be published.

Alicia lives in Norfolk, England. She runs a successful thriving Company and is highly esteemed in the business world. Her business acumen and tough glamour ensures her working world is a success. But is also proud Mother of Five children and Nine grand children.

Stella lives in Suffolk, England. Has recently retired from nursing and continues to look after her  grandson. Has to remaining daughters, a wealth of grand children and great grandad children. She now enjoys her garden and growing flowers and strawberries.


New York Pitchfest – May 17-18, 2019

The Sixth of September

The Sixth of September